Sheriff’s staff and first responders to hold ‘school shooter’ training exercise Sunday
, 2014

Sheriff’s staff and first responders
to hold ‘school shooter’ training exercise Sunday

LANCASTER—The Lancaster County Sheriff’s staff will participate with rescue squads and fire departments in a training exercise for an active shooter within a school from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, October 14.

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This is a training exercise only.

“We don’t want this training exercise to be misinterpreted as a real event by the public,” said Sheriff Crockett. “This is the type of incident that our community’s first responders must be prepared for. We read about this happening elsewhere, and sometimes tend to think it won’t happen here. We do not want it to happen anywhere. But we must be prepared for it.

“After the Columbine shooting, the law enforcement community made a drastic overhaul to the protocols for police response to an active shooter in the school. Waiting for a SWAT team to assemble and enter the school no longer applies. This training exercise is based on the current standards for this type of event.”

The training exercise will start with an announcement over the sheriff’s radio channel and the county’s fire/rescue frequency. The first response will be by the sheriff’s staff.

Starting at 1 p.m. the rescue squads and fire departments will begin participating in the training.

“All of our local first responders have a role in this. While law enforcement is responsible for locating and ending the shooting, EMS must be prepared to treat any number of wounded persons. And the fire departments will be needed to assist EMS, deal with any hazardous materials incident that may be involved, or have to suppress a fire, all as part of a true event,” said Sgt. R.E. Headley Jr.

Anyone with questions about this training exercise may contact Sheriff Crockett, or Sgt. Headley at the sheriff’s office.

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