, 2014

Supervisors suggest funding for music
teacher come from the school division

by Audrey Thomasson

LANCASTER—County supervisors last Thursday didn’t exactly turn down a request for supplemental funding by school superintendent Dr. Daniel Lukich.

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Instead, they suggested he fund the $59,400 requested for a primary school music teacher from the division’s $15 million budget and return later should school funds run short.

Making his second pitch to supervisors for the funding, Lukich said he had the full support of the school board. Also, he reminded supervisors the school budget was cut by nearly $1 million.

“Those cuts are not from the county,” said supervisor Butch Jenkins.

“No. They’re federal and state cuts,” said Lukich.

However, according to county records, the school budget is $28,291 less than the previous year, which was $15,028,291. Some $145,000 of that amount was returned to the county at the end of the fiscal year.

Chairman Wally Beauchamp asked Lukich why the position was listed at $49,000 when it was cut in August, and was over $59,000 two weeks later when he originally came to the board to reinstate the position. At that time, supervisors refused to hear the request until it had been approved by the school board.

Lukich said the $49,000 represented the cost of the teacher who quit.

“We want to hire someone with more experience,” he said.

Jenkins noted the school district always has leftover funding at the end of the fiscal year.

His motion to deny the request for supplemental funding passed, 3-2, with support from Beauchamp and supervisor Jason Bellows. Supervisors Ernest Palin and William Lee opposed the motion.

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