, 2014

Board of Equalization
to convene in January

by Audrey Thomasson

LANCASTER—Property owners who missed the deadline for disputing the new assessments on real estate with Blue Ridge Assessors still have time to appeal to the Board of Equalization.

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In January 2013, the Board of Equalization will convene to further consider appeals, including those by property owners who were not satisfied after meeting with assessors last month.

Supervisors last week submitted nominations from their districts to Circuit Court Judge Harry T. Taliaferro III for appointment to the county’s 2013 Board of Equalization. The board will convene in January and serve until December 31, 2013.

Nominations include Laura Rowe from District 1, Ella Davis from District 2, David Dew from District 3, Lewis Conway from District 4 and Jan Abbott from District 5.

According to Lancaster Commissioner of Revenue Sonny Thomas, any property owner who wants to dispute the assessment, or missed the assessor, can meet with the Board of Equalization.

“The assessors closed their books last week,” said Thomas. “Now the Board of Equalization kicks in. Essentially, you have a period of three years in which to appeal, but you shouldn’t wait until the last minute. The board will be finished hearing most appeals by April.”

Landowners still not satisfied with their assessment may then appeal to the Circuit Court, Thomas said.

Lancaster’s reassessment reflected a 25% decline in taxable real estate values. New assessments will affect values and tax rates in 2013.

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