, 2014

Lancaster finalizes first
conservation easement

Lancaster county administrator Frank Pleva, Northern Neck Land Conservancy president Steve Walker and landowner Pirkko Graves on July 20 signed a Deed of Easement for a 15.2-acre waterfront parcel.

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This is the first easement the county holds with the Northern Neck Land Conservancy (NNLC) under a recently adopted ordinance that provides the process for the county to hold conservation easements, said NNLC executive director Jamie Tucker.

The forested property is on a tidal pond that opens onto the lower Rappahannock River near White Stone, said Tucker. The property has 1,545 feet of waterfront and 1.5 acres of marsh.

The conservation easement will limit development to one house and no subdivision of the land. The permanent protection provided by this easement will help protect the water quality of the tidal pond which is a nursery for young fish, crabs and other aquatic species, said Tucker. An active bald eagle nest also is on the land.

Graves said she is pleased and thanked the county and NNLC for co-holding the easement. Her late husband, Larry, would have been happy to know the land they loved is now protected in perpetuity, she said.

To learn about the benefits of conservation easements, contact NNLC at 462-0979.

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