, 2014

Planning commission and staff
compile zoning package

by Shannon Rice

HEATHSVILLE—With amendments and definitions approved at the September 20 Northumberland planning commission meeting, staff can now begin compiling all the zoning review information.

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Receiving no comments from the public, the commission amended the county’s Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Ordinance as required by the Chesapeake Bay Local Assistance Board.

The amendments include the requirement for a notation on plats indicating the need for pump-out of on-site sewage treatment systems. All six commission members voted in favor of the amendment following a motion by Albert Penley which was seconded by Charles Williams. A public hearing will be held at the October 11 board of supervisors’ meeting.

As part of its zoning ordinance review, the commission also unanimously approved several definition additions and clarifications. Definition additions include agricultural processing, assembly/manufacturing facility, bed and breakfast, condominium association and winery.

Greg Haugan submitted a written letter complimenting the commission on its hard work on the definitions and suggested the commission conditionally approve the proposed definitions and start compiling the entire zoning package for its final review.

Lee Allain also complimented the commission saying the definitions were a good baseline.

Bill Kling seconded Penley’s motion to approve the definitions which will now be included in the entire zoning ordinance draft.

Staff will now compile all the zoning review information and will start providing this information back to the commission at the October meeting said assistant county administrator Luttrell Tadlock.

“At this point all zoning review material will need to go back to the commission for one final review and a public hearing before going to the board of supervisors,” said Tadlock.

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