Jamrog hooks 2012 Angler of the Year
, 2014

Jamrog hooks 2012
Angler of the Year

Jan Jamrog is the Northern Neck Angler Club’s 2012 Angler of the Year.

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Catches like this catapulted Jan Jamrog (above) to the top of the Northern Neck Anglers Club ladder.

This is the third year the Chesapeake Angler Magazine has sponsored the NNAC Angler of the Year contest, said club secretary Susan Hudson.

The contest is based on six club tournaments held from May to October specifically targeting seven different species, explained Hudson. Scoring is based on four points for a winning fish, three points for second place, two points for third place and one point for fourth for any of the specifically targeted species entered during an NNAC tournament.

Jamrog captured the AOY trophy with a total of 33 points, easily outdistancing Tom Smith (17 points) of White Stone and Paulette O’Connor (17 points) of Manassas, said Hudson. He managed to score points in all 6 tournaments and fished out of Buzzards Point Marina off the Great Wicomico River aboard his boat Bay View.

Most of his life has been spent with a rod and reel in his hand, but nearly all of that has been in fresh water until 2008, she said. That was when he bought his retirement home on the Potomac River in Heathsville and discovered the excitement and challenges of catching migratory saltwater species.

Jamrog joined the NNAC in order to meet other anglers with similar fishing interests and to help accelerate his saltwater fishing learning curve. He confesses that catching a 25- to 30-pound rockfish while trolling has been a huge thrill; however, what he really enjoys is casting or jigging in shallow water with light tackle for speckled trout, puppy drum and other species.

He reports that each time he gets out on the water, he ends up learning something new and useful which he has obviously taken advantage of based on his tournament weigh-ins during the 2012 competitions, said Hudson.

Jamrog is the vice president of the club and serves as tournament director. He also created and manages the club website, northernneckanglersclub.wordpress.com.

The NNAC is a local fishing club dedicated to educating anglers on saltwater fishing techniques. The club has more than 120 members with more than half residing outside of the Northern Neck region. NNAC held four meetings during the year where guest speakers discussed the latest in tackle and marine hardware and electronics, bait selection, fishing techniques and hot fishing spots.

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