Free firearms class offered to teachers and administrators
, 2014

Free firearms class offered
to teachers and administrators

The Middlesex Sportsman’s Hunt Club in Hartfield will offer a “First Level” pistol course just for teachers and school administrators March 9 at the range in Hartfield.

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High school teacher John Priest knows how to handle a firearm and says that many other teachers would like to learn how to also.

According to firearms instructor Barbara Wallace, after the Newtown, Conn., school shooting, the club has been inundated with requests for a gun safety class, especially from area teachers.

“The point of the class is not to arm teachers while in classrooms, but rather for them to learn about firearm safety, different kinds of guns, laws concerning firearm use and how to effectively use a gun,” said club president and high school teacher John Priest.

The class will meet from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will cover safe handling, operation, marksmanship, storage, transportation and state and federal firearms.

Most of the instruction is indoors and the last two hours are conducted at the range, on the firing line.  Lead instructor Macey White has more than 30 years experience and is a two-time state champion, a two-time national record setting pistol shooter and an NRA instructor and instructor trainer. 

The class is offered at no charge to teachers from the counties of Middlesex, Gloucester, Mathews, or Lancaster.  To attend, email White at

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