, 2014

May elections due in three towns

by Audrey Thomasson

IRVINGTON—May elections and a planning commission re-appointment were the focus of last week’s town council meeting in Irvington.

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According to Mayor Rannie Ransone, a council position held by appointed member Mike Merrill will be on the May 6 ballot. Merrill was appointed after Ed Sulick resigned due to health reasons. There are two years remaining on the four-year term.

The mayor said Merrill could run for that seat or decide instead to seek election to three other seats, each carrying a four-year term. Those seats are held by Dr. Robert Westbrook, Wayne Nunnally and Jerry Latell.

Elections also will be held May 6 in Kilmarnock for mayor and three council members, and in White Stone for mayor and three council members. All are four-year terms.

Residents of the respective towns interested in seeking a seat on the council should contact Lancaster County Voter Registrar Susan P. Jett at 462-5277 or sjett@lancova.com to determine eligibility and for further instructions. The filing deadline is 7 p.m. March 4.

In other business, the Irvington council reappointed Jackie Brown to a second four-year term on the planning commission.

William Newborg of Metrocast announced the company has established wireless internet service for its Irvington customers. Newborg said he would be willing to discuss a contract with council that could take over wireless service the town offers visitors.

According to councilman Gene Edmonds, the current provider has not offered consistent reliable service.

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