, 2014

Kilmarnock BZA grants appeal

by Renss Greene

KILMARNOCK—The Kilmarnock Board of Zoning Appeals on November 26 granted an appeal, allowing Northern Neck Generator to encroach the 20-foot front setback from Christopher Road.

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Planning and zoning director Marshall Sebra previously issued a permit for an office building on the property, but declined a later amendment that put the office building within the required 20-foot setback from the right of way.

Northern Neck Generator owner Todd Sanders presented the case for appeal.

“As a growing business, I need the space,” said Sanders. “I just need it. My company needs it in order for us to continue to conduct business.”

The hearing drew support from a handful of citizens and surrounding business owners, as well as Madeline Christopher, owner of the property and Christopher Drive, a private road.

“It seems to me we’re talking about a difference of 6 feet,” said vice chairman Mei-Li Beane. “It would be 14 feet from the road rather than 20. And the neighbors don’t seem to mind, the property owners don’t mind, it’s not a major road. I don’t see any problem with voting to let them do it.”

“I feel we’re somewhat hamstrung by the fact that it is a 20-foot requirement,” said chairman Les Kilduff. He was concerned the matter came before the BZA as an appeal instead of request for variance.

“I don’t really see a good legal argument for granting it, unfortunately,” said Kilduff. “I do appreciate having this business in town, and I think a variance, I might look at it a little differently.”

The board voted 2-1 to grant the appeal, with support from Beane and Geneva Dawson. Kilduff dissented.

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