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All-Stars split:
Northern Neck girls and Tidewater boys win

The 15th annual Northern Neck Shriners All Star High School basketball games were held Saturday at Lancaster High School.

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The games showcase the season’s best basketball players of the neighboring Northern Neck and Tidewater districts, said event organizer Carroll Lee Ashburn.

Girls game

For 2013, the Northern Neck girls won, 55-36, while the Tidewater boys won, 63-60.

In the girls contest, Nia Jones of Northumberland scored 13 points, Shamerah Taylor of Lancaster had 10 points and Caneishia Fulcher of Colonial Beach had 11 points to lead the Norhern Neck squad.

The win marked the second in a row for the Northern Neck girls and the eighth time in the 13-year history of the Shriners games that the “Neck” prevailed, said Ashburn.

Mackenzie Moughon of Mathews tallied 12 points to lead the “Tide.”

Jones was named most valuable player, said Ashburn.

Boys game

The boys contest went down to the wire with several 3-point attempts off target during the final seconds of the game.

Ryheem Lockley of Middlesex scored 19 points, Gabriel Lee of West Point had 14 points and Freeman McPherson of King William fired a surprising 23 points to lead Tidewater.

Aaron Lewis of Northumberland scored nine points and Tyler Colding of Lancaster added seven for the Northern Neck.

The win marked the third time in 15 years that a Tidewater team finished on top, said Ashburn.

McPherson was named most valuable player.


Among the highlights for the event, five players were recognized for reaching the 1,000-point mark in their high school careers during the 2012-13 season, said Ashburn. The players are Shamerah Taylor, Nia Jones, Caneishia Fulcher, Karley Inscoe and Rhyeem Lockley.

Nearly 100 contestants participated in the 101.7 Bay-WIGo $100 cash shootout. Jayden Moody won the contest.

Proceeds from the game and contest go to Shriners charities, including the children’s hospital, said Ashburn

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