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That’s a wrap, and It Works!

by Lisa Hinton-Valdrighi

There are home parties selling just about everything and anything anyone could want, from plastic storage containers and jewelry to children’s clothes and cookware. Now, there’s a home party to tighten, tone and firm the body parts women and men loathe, including bellies, flabby arms, double chins and love handles.

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It Works representatives Amy Brizendine (left) and Kaylyn Bragg (right) wrap the neck of Renee Walder of Warsaw during a wrap party. Photo by Lisa Hinton-Valdrighi

If it jiggles and wiggles, apparently there’s a wrap for it.

But, ladies and gents, this is not your mother’s Tupperware party. Guests don’t form a circle and pass around burping bowls. Instead, it’s an interactive party where customers get measured and photographed and wrapped in body contouring applicators and plastic wrap.

The It Works! Wrap Party is one of the newer home party product lines out there. Jewelry, clothing, decorator bags, home goods, cookware and candle parties have been around for decades, but about 10 years ago It Works! hit the market with its Ultimate Body Applicator for slimming and trimming.

I decided to try a wrap on for size a few weeks ago at a party hosted by It Works! independent distributor Pam Bragg of Warsaw. Bragg has been selling the It Works! products since June 2012 after she met Richmond-based team leader Nancy Cooper and was wrapped in a bookstore bathroom.

“I was wrapped at Barnes & Noble in the bathroom and was hooked,” she told a group of about six at the party.

It Works! was founded by Mark and Cindy Pentecost and includes the body contouring applicators and a supplement product line for weight loss, muscle recovery, joint function, menopause and stress. The company also produces facial and body creams for cleansing and moisturizing.

But it was the wrap and the possibility of slimming in as little as 45 minutes that intrigued me.

By chance or fate, Bragg handed me a wrap coupon in a store a few months ago. She didn’t know I was a reporter; the encounter was random. Oddly enough, I’d heard about the wrap parties last fall and had considered attending one for a story back in January.

I guess it was meant to be.

So there I was a few weeks ago, shirt lifted, pants lowered, while Bragg’s team member Amy Brizendine measured me, placed a contouring wrap on my belly and proceeded to wrap plastic wrap tightly around my midriff.

It was actually my second wrap in two weeks. I’d met Bragg a week earlier one-on-one when she wrapped my midsection and each thigh. I left and immediately attended a track meet on a warm afternoon then went to cover a soccer game. Neither was a good idea. As I started to sweat, the plastic wrap slid and the wrap kept coming off. I battled the sliding materials all afternoon and evening. Despite that, when I removed the wrap, my skin did feel softer and firmer.

I decided to give it a second try at the party.

A few of the other guests also had their bellies wrapped while one, Renee Walder of Warsaw, opted to have her chin and neck wrapped.

It Works! offers wraps for all those problem body parts. There’s even a facial wrap.

According to Bragg, the company recommends wearing only two body wraps at once. Apparently, the natural ingredients in the wrap help to release toxins in the body.

The first thing I noticed was the smell of the lotion on the wrap—menthol and eucalyptus. Once I was wearing it, I felt a cool sensation, then a warm tingling. Bragg said the product was working.

Customers usually take measurements or “before” pictures then wear the wrap for at least 45 minutes. According to Bragg, the products can be worn for as long as they want. Some customers even sleep in them.

Measurements and “after” pictures are taken when the wraps come off. One customer at the party had a three-inch reduction after removing it.

Customers are urged to drink lots of water right before application and while wearing the wrap. That, in turn, results in lots of restroom trips.

Cassandra Rich of Haynesville had her midriff wrapped about a month ago and attended Bragg’s party.

“I want to do it two more times,” she said. “I felt lighter. It really felt amazing. I believe in it.”

The products can be purchased two ways, retail or wholesale with a loyal customer discount.

Although Bragg and her team of her daughter Kaylyn Bragg and Brizendine offer products through parties and individual orders, Amy Showl offers the It Works! products and wraps as an independent distributor at her store, Beach Babes in White Stone. Bragg can be contacted for a party or products at 761-3733. Customers can make an appointment for a wrap or order products at Beach Babes.

“Everybody’s different,” said Bragg. “So we don’t guarantee anything, and we actually don’t guarantee inch loss. But a lot of people have great results.”

What the party does guarantee is a girls (or guys or couples) fun night out...wrapped up in a whole lot of laughs.

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