, 2014

Burgess lands winner in 30th
annual Reedville Fishing Derby

Neither wind nor rough seas could deter those seeking to win prize money at Smith Point Sea Rescue’s 30th annual Reedville Fishing Derby.

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Richie Burgess of Burgess holds his winning striper. The 41.14-pounder was the overall winner in the event held May 3 and 4. Photo by Shannon Rice

With the Chesapeake Bay full of large rockfish, spectators were thrilled to watch the   fish being weighed in at Buzzards Point Marina in Reedville, reported Andy Kauders of Smith Point Sea Rescue.

The two-day rockfish derby is the oldest on the bay and saw entrants traveling from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, northern Virginia and west of Richmond to compete in the event.

The overall winner was Richie Burgess of Burgess who landed a 41.14 lb. striper.

Friday winners, by place, name, weight and homeport were:

1. Jason  Anderson, 33.83  pounds, Mechanicsville.

2.  George  Lichtenbergen, 33.60 pounds, Herndon.

3.  Danny  Humphreys, 33.53  pounds, Nokesville.

4.  Andrew  Kidwell , 29.60 pounds, Henrico.

5.  Jason  Anderson, 29.29  pounds, Mechanicsville.

6.  Jack  Sprague, 28.17  pounds, Heathsville.

7.  Jack  Sprague, 25.14  pounds, Heathsville.

8.  Andrew  Kidwell, 23.87 pounds, Henrico.

9.  Joe  Boarman, 23.51  pounds, Ophelia.

Saturday winners, by place, name, weight and homeport were:

1. Jason Anderson, 28.70 pounds, Mechanicsville.

2.  Liz Thomas, 27.22 pounds, Fredericksburg.

3.  Jack Sprague 25.97  pounds, Heathsville.

4.  Ron  Edwards  23.42  pounds, Reedville.

5.  Bill Sanford, 23.39  pounds, Midland.

6.  Joe Boarman, 23.10  pounds, Ophelia.

7.  Danny Humphreys, 22.12  pounds ,Nokesville.

8.  Joe Boarman, 22.10  pounds, Ophelia.

9.  Jack Sprague, 21.66  pounds, Heathsville.

The derby benefits Smith Point Sea Rescue, a volunteer rescue unit which serves boaters from Ragged Point to the mouth of the Potomac River, south to the Rappahannock River and across to the Eastern Shore. Smith Point Sea Rescue can be reached 24/7 on channel 16 or by calling 911.

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