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Northam, Herring win Democratic
nominations; two races due in local elections

by Shannon Rice

KILMARNOCK—Voters across the Commonwealth cast their ballots during the Democratic Primary Election June 11. The ballot included candidates for that party’s lieutenant governor and attorney general nominations.

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Meanwhile, June 11 also marked the filing deadline for local offices on the November 5 ballot, resulting in one race in Lancaster and one race in Northumberland.

With 98.90% of precincts reporting at press time, Ralph S. Northam won the lieutenant governor nomination and Mark R. Herring received the attorney general nomination.

For lieutenant governor, Northam received 76,411 votes, or 54.28% of the total. Aneesh Chopra received 64,390 votes.

For attorney general Herring received 71,008 votes, or 51.63%. Justin E. Fairfax earned 66,532 votes.

Statewide results were echoed at the local level.

A total of 242 ballots were cast in Lancaster County for the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor. Residents favored Northam, giving him 153 votes for 63.22%. Chopra fell behind with 89 votes, for 36.78%.

In Northumberland County, 266 voters cast their ballot for the Democratic lieutenant governor nomination. The county favored Northam, awarding him 57.52 percent or 153 votes. Chopra had 42.28 percent or 113 votes.

Local candidates

In Lancaster County, there is three-way race for the District 5 school board seat. Qualifying candidates are incumbent Alexander M. Fleet, William C. “Bill” Smith and Robert S. Westbrook.

Robert V. Smart is unopposed for reelection to the District 1 school board post.

Both seats on the board of supervisors will go uncontested with incumbent B. Wally Beauchamp seeking re-election as the District 5 representative and F.W. “Butch” Jenkins seeking to retain his position in District 1.

In Northumberland County, two candidates are seeking election to Clerk of Court. Qualifying candidates are Deborah Thomas Bingham and Thomas H. “Tommy” Tomlin.

In District 2, Richard F. Haynie will seek re-election to the board of supervisors and Dean W. Sumner has filed to retain his spot on the school board.

Gerald R. Howard qualified for the school board seat in District 3 and James M. Long seeks re-election to the board of supervisors in that district.

Here are the local votes by precinct in the primary election:


In precinct 1, 24 votes were cast for Northam and Chopra received 12.

Princinct 2 voters preferred Chopra with 23 votes as opposed to Northam’s 17.

Northam held the majority in precinct 3-1 with 28 votes to Chopra’s 8.

Voters were evenly split in precinct 3-2 with both candidates taking 5 votes.

In precinct 4, Northam garnered 24 votes compared to Chopra’s 19.

The largest voter turnout was seen in precinct 3. Of the 60 voters, 44 cast their ballot for Northam and 16 favored Chopra.

There were 17 absentee ballots were cast, 11 of which went to Northam and 6 to Chopra.

For attorney general, Lancaster voters preferred Herring by 60.08 percent giving him 146 votes. Justin E. Fairfax took in 39.92 percent or 97 votes.

Herring took 24 votes in precinct 1 and Fairfax received 14.

Herring received 23 votes in precinct 2 with Fairfax taking 17.

In precinct 3-1, Herring garnered 25 votes to Fairfax’s 10.

Herring beat out Fairfax by a very slight margin in precinct 3-2, taking in 5 votes over his competitor’s 4.

Fairfax did manage to win in precinct 4, receiving 30 votes compared to Herring’s 12.

Herring enjoyed the largest margin of victory in precinct 5 accumulating 45 votes as opposed to Fairfax’s 16.

Absentee voters awarded Herring 12 votes with 6 votes going to Fairfax.


In precinct 1, 19 votes were cast for Northam and 11 went to Chopra.

Precinct 2 voters awarded Northam 24 votes while Chopra received 16.

The race was a little tighter in precinct 3A with Northam receiving 22 votes and Chopra receiving 20.

Northam won 77.27 percent of voters in precinct 3B taking in 17 votes. Chopra had 5 votes.

The greatest voter turnout was seen in precinct 4A with 68 voters. Of those, 48 cast their ballot for Northam and 28 voted for Chopra.

Chopra was the favored candidate in precinct 5 taking in 32 votes compared to Northam’s 28.

Four absentee ballots were cast with three votes going to Northam.

For attorney general, Herring won 53.44 percent of Northumberland votes taking in 140 compared to Fairfax’s 122.

In precinct 1, 19 votes went to Herring and Fairfax had 11.

Fairfax enjoyed small victories in precincts 2 and 3A, receiving 22 votes at each polling place. Herring picked up 16 votes in precinct 2 and 21 votes in precinct 3A.

In precinct 3B, Herring accumulated 12 votes compared to Fairfax’s 10.

Of the 66 ballots cast in precinct 4, Herring took 36 and Fairfax gained 30.

In precinct 5 Herring earned 33 votes compared to Fairfax’s 26.

Three of the four absentee ballots went to Herring.

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