, 2014

The Fishing Line

By Capt. Billy Pipkin

Fishing has been improving with the warming of our waters. The current water temperature in the bay is in the mid 70s and the rivers are registering a bit higher.

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Speckled trout action remains hot inshore. Many creeks and grass beds along shallow marshy areas are holding these tasty fish. Locations are spread from Mobjack Bay up to tributaries of the lower Potomac. We have had several checked in at Ingram Bay Marina that weighed in just shy of citations. There are many in the 3- to 4-pound range.

Artificial lures from the hard, Mirr-o-lures to the soft Gulp baits are working well, yet some anglers prefer the old stand-by bull minnow under a bobber. Whatever your choice of baits, you are sure to have success. We have started our inshore light tackle charters for speckled trout, puppy drum and croaker and will continue through the summer and into the fall months.

Croaker action remains good throughout the region. The largest specimens continue to be found on or near areas of structure, in shallow creeks and inlets, and far up river. On the Rappahannock, action has been very good as far up river as Tappahannock.  There are plenty of fish in the lower river and bay waters as well, although sizes are a bit smaller in the open waters at this time.

Spot are becoming more numerous in catches over the past week. Bloodworms are a must when seeking the tasty little buggers. Most are in the 1/2-pound category, but we are landing some up to 3/4 pound. Hard bottoms such as oyster beds and other rough areas are holding the greatest number of spot at this time.

Flounder action is picking up with more 15- to 20-inch fish hitting our decks each week. River mouths, channel edges and the flats just above the channels are holding the flatties. Squid, minnows, even cut bait will provide successful flounder fishing. I prefer to drift since it covers more ground, but we have caught them this week on simple bottom rigs while croaker fishing.

Cobia have begun to show in the lower bay this week as have Spanish mackerel off of the Rudee Inlet area. With water temperatures finally reaching an average, we will soon see a blast of action in our area.

Enjoy your week on the water and remember to share the fun with your children. There’s nothing like the childhood memories of fishing with mom and dad.

Until next week, Fair winds.

Capt. Billy Pipkin owns and operates Capt Billy’s Charters and Ingram Bay Marina in Wicomico Church. www.ingrambaymarina.com, 580-7292.

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