, 2015

Saxer and Christopher switch seats

by Renss Greene

LOTTSBURG—The Northumberland school board on January 13 elected officers for 2014.

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Richard Saxer was elected chairman and Betty Christopher was elected vice chairman. This reverses their roles from 2013, when Christopher was chairman and Saxer, vice chairman. Both were confirmed unanimously.

Carol Badenoch was appointed clerk of the board, following the retirement of former clerk Lois Gilbert.

Assistant superintendent Dale Wittler was re-appointed deputy clerk. Susan Saunders retained her titles as joint board member of the Regional Special Education Board, the Regional Alternative Education Board, and the Northern Neck Technical Center Advisory Board.

Saxer was reappointed as Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School joint board member and Virginia School Board Association (VSBA) delegate. Christopher retained her title as an alternate delegate.

Saxer’s motion to begin meetings at 7 p.m. instead of 6 p.m. was defeated, 3-2. Saxer and Dean Sumner voted aye, with Christopher, Saunders and Gerald Howard opposed. School board meetings will continue to be held at 6 p.m. on second Mondays at the School Administration Building, 2172 Northumberland Highway, Lottsburg.

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