Sundays at Two speaker to address search for Nazis
, 2015

Sundays at Two speaker
to address search for Nazis

The Lancaster Community Library Sundays at Two program continues on February 2 with guest speaker Robin Boylan of Staunton. He will talk about the search for Nazi collaborators in America.

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Robin Boylan
The lecture will begin at 2 p.m. Sunday in the library’s community meeting room, 235 School Street, Kilmarnock. The free program will conclude with refreshments and the opportunity for conversation with the speaker, reported Sundays at Two committee member Lovey Jane Long.

Boylan will describe his work and adventures with the Special Investigations Unit at the Justice Department, locating, deporting, denaturalizing and sometimes extraditing accused Nazi war criminals who had come to the U. S. after World War II. He spent nearly six years working with and trying the cases.

He studied international relations at the American College in Paris and at George Washington University. While working at the State Department by day, he pursued a law degree at Georgetown University.

In 1978, Boylan was hired by the Justice Department to try cases of suspected war criminals who had immigrated to the U.S. He later worked with the FBI for 10 years, including a three-year assignment to Interpol Headquarters in Lyon, France.

Following retirement from the federal government, Boylan restored a Victorian house in Staunton, now his home. He serves as a prosecutor in the Commonwealth Attorney’s office in Augusta County.

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