, 2015

Heirloom sparks sense of
tradition on wedding day

by Tricia Sale

Four generations of our family have worn the same beautiful handmade lace wedding dress.

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First, my grandmother, Ruth Dingee, wore it in the 1930s.  Then, my Aunt Barbara (Barbara Schott who now lives in Reedville) wore the dress.  I was next to wear it on September 21, 1984; and most recently, my daughter, Corey Grunert, wore the dress on September 22, 2012.

The dress is beautiful, all lace, and has not been altered much. Although I removed the bustle before my wedding, and my daughter did have to hem it. I think it was pure luck that when planning my wedding, my aunt mentioned she still had the dress, and for kicks I tried it on —not knowing what to expect. 

Once it was on, I knew that’s what I wanted to wear. When my daughter planned her wedding, I mentioned it, but neither of us expected her to want to wear it. Again, she tried it on and we just knew... it was perfect. 

My Aunt Barbara and I were fortunate to see Corey come down the aisle looking so beautiful in the dress we also had the chance to wear.  Sadly, my grandmother, who we called Bobbi, died years ago.

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