, 2015

Capital wish list totals
$678,760 in Lancaster

by Audrey Thomasson

LANCASTER—Capital improvement requests totaling $678,760 for fiscal year 2014-15 came before the Lancaster planning commission last week.

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The school board’s request for $388,000 covers five items. Topping their list is $30,000 to install handicap facilities including a shower and changing area in the middle school special education classrooms. The request will help to make the school compliant with state standards, according to school board chairman Dr. Robert Westbrook.

In order to apply for a grant of up to $100,000 for security improvements, the school must show the county will allocate 25% in matching funds, or up to $25,000, according to acting superintendent Sandy Spears.

A third school system request, for $75,000, is to expand the pre-school facility with a 24-by-60-foot modular classroom. The additional facility would allow the school to bring on more students in need of early childhood learning programs and give them a jump-start on their education, said Spears.

Two new school buses are needed at a cost of $178,000. The request is part of the replacement schedule as recommended for children’s safety by the state.

A request for $80,000 to replace eight heating, ventilation and air conditioning units at the middle school would be phase four of a five-phase replacement program. The current units are more than 25 years old and are inefficient, making classrooms either too hot or cold, said Spears.

For the second year in a row, the Emergency Management Services Department is requesting a new response vehicle at a total cost of $42,000, including emergency equipment.

The sheriff’s department has requested $85,000 for two 911 dispatch radio consoles and $25,760 for a new roof on the sheriff’s office.

County administration seeks $80,000 to fix a leaky roof.

One other item on the CIP request list is $58,000 to repair the old jail and clerk’s office, both historic buildings.

The commission will prioritize the list at its March 20 meeting.

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