, 2015

Kilmarnock council sends
police matter to committee

by Renss Greene

KILMARNOCK—The Kilmarnock Town Council on February 24 sent the question of whether the town needs a 24-hour police presence to committee.

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Council member William Smith read a letter penned by Anchor Pharmacy owner Ken Thompson. The pharmacy was broken into January 3.

Although police responded quickly to the scene, Thompson later learned of a gap in Kilmarnock police coverage between 2 and 6 a.m. Between those hours, there are no Kilmarnock police on duty, although there is always an officer on call.

In the letter, Thompson worried what would happen if he responded to an alarm at the pharmacy faster than the officer on call.

“If I get to the store before your officer on call, then I may be facing the criminal,” Thompson wrote. He also reiterated his earlier suggestions on installing security cameras and a Neighborhood Watch program.

“I’m extremely concerned about the situation, as I know all of us are,” said council member Rebecca Nunn. “I’m wondering if we should try to discuss something now, or turn this over to the police committee and have them come back with recommendations in March.”

“It would be my thought process that it go directly to police [committee,]” responded Smith.

According to police and public safety committee members Mae Umphlett and vice mayor Emerson Gravatt, the committee will discuss the issue at its next meeting. The committee will meet at 9 a.m. Thursday, March 6.

Committee reports

Umphlett reported from the police and public safety committee that police chief Mike Bedell and officer Ann Phelps will attend advanced training on handling mental health cases.

Smith reported from the economic development committee that Shop Local Day will be May 3. According to Smith’s report, the committee is also considering events for Steptoe’s District to increase interest and activity in downtown Kilmarnock.

The administration and finance committee recommended council contract with Ed Bosher of G.C. Dawson Real Estate to sell the old town hall building and property as-is, where-is. The council approved unanimously.

Town manager Tom Saunders reported the completion of significant sewer main repairs behind Kilmarnock Baptist Church, damaging the parking lot asphalt. He said the asphalt will be repaired as soon as weather permits.

“That main serves much of downtown, much of Main Street, so it was just absolutely critical that it be done on an emergency basis,” Saunders said.

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