‘Boeing, Boeing:’ A play on doors
, 2015

‘Boeing, Boeing:’ A play on doors

The set for “Boeing, Boeing,” opening at The Lancaster Playhouse in White Stone tonight, February 6, has a set of French doors and six single doors.

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Alex Pitman stars as Gretchen, the Lufthansa hostess.

Door number one is shared by Bernard with his fiancées who each spend two nights a week with him. Number two belongs to the live-in domestic servant, Berthe, while door number three is the loo that serves the entire flat.

Number four is a swinging door to the kitchen and the formal dining room beyond. The little courtyard room that’s less noisy is behind door number five and door number six is the guest room.

The French doors open to a foyer and to the front door that is off-stage.

The audience will need to watch closely as the doors fly open one after the other when all three air hostesses end up at Bernard’s Parisian flat at the same time. The farce is a constant stream of comings and goings and promises to provide a lot of laughter and entertainment for the audience.

Gloria, played by Doreen Robertson, is a TWA air hostess and will be costumed in blue while Gabriella, Francesca Wilson, the Alitalia hostess, will wear yellow, and Gretchen, Alex Pitman, the Lufthansa hostess, will dazzle in red. The three hostesses have matching bags and each sport a set of authentic air hostess wings.

“If there’s any comic relief necessary in a comedy, it will be provided by Ilona Duncan, the long-suffering and constantly complaining Berthe,” said director Rebecca Tebbs Nunn. Mark Favazza will have the audience rolling in the aisles as the rube from Wisconsin who has a propensity for falling over furniture and his own feet.”

The show continues through February 23. All eight performances are sold out.

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