, 2015

A council of firsts for Kilmarnock

by Renss Greene

KILMARNOCK—The Kilmarnock Town Council on July 21 appointed its first black member at a meeting attended by former governor The Honorable A. Linwood Holton.

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Keith Butler takes his oath of office at the Kilmarnock town council meeting Monday, July 21.

Former Virginia governor The Honorable A. Linwood Holton congratulates Keith Butler upon his appointment to council.

Rebecca Nunn was appointed as Kilmarnock’s first female vice mayor, joining the town’s first female mayor, Mae Umphlett

Keith Butler, the chief engineer at the Tides Inn, will serve in the seat vacated by Mayor Mae Umphlett until it comes up for election again in 2016.

Gov. Holton congratulated Butler on his appointment.

“This is the hardest job in the political sphere,” Gov. Holton said. “Those constituents can find you on the street.”

Butler was appointed to the council’s streets, sidewalks and playground, and water and sewer committees. He joins Umphlett, Kilmarnock’s first female mayor, and Rebecca Nunn, appointed at that meeting as Kilmarnock’s first female vice mayor, on a council of firsts for Kilmarnock.

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