, 2015

Haynie given key to Reedville

by Renss Greene

REEDVILLE—Grateful members of the Reedville community, fire department and Omega Protein presented Danny Haynie a ceremonial key to Reedville at the July 28 meeting of the Fairfields Volunteer Fire Department (FVFD).

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Haynie has been at the center of Northern Neck baseball, the Fourth of July parade in Reedville and community activities for almost 60 years. He volunteered with the FVFD for 47 years and remains a strident advocate for the department. He organized the first Fourth of July parade in Reedville in 1956 and has organized the parade every year it was held since.

“I did it for the fire department, but yet I was too young to be a member,” Haynie recalled. At 21, he joined the department and stayed until his health caused him to leave.

“When thousands of people fill up Reedville, if you went down and interviewed everybody, how many of them would know this guy is the one behind the curtain, who turned Reedville into a very inspirational town on the Fourth of July every year?” asked Blaine Altaffer, who helps organize the parade, at the ceremony. Altaffer was also part of honoring Haynie by making him grand marshal of this year’s parade and giving him the key to Reedville.

Andy Hall, assistant general manager at Omega Protein, said Reedville will never be the same as it was when Haynie was young.

“One of the things we wanted to do was to commemorate, so people can see in the future,” Hall said. The key was made by Russ Ferguson at the Omega Protein plant in Reedville.

FVFD president Warner Rice said the key honors Haynie’s “community spirit, and what he’s done for everybody.”

The inscription on the plaque mounted below the key reads:

“This town key is in honor of Danny Haynie’s decades of service and dedication to the Fairfields Volunteer Fire Department, to Northern Neck baseball and umpiring, and to the annual July 4th Celebration in Reedville. Danny’s passion and love for these efforts have impacted so many throughout our area.”

“I’d like to thank Omega Protein, [Omega Protein Reedville general manager] Monty Deal, Andy Hall, Blaine Altaffer, and I’d like to thank [FVFD chief] Phillip Keyser,” Haynie said. “I’d also like to thank my ex-wife, Margaret R. Branch. Over the years, she helped me doing the parade.”

The key will be permanently displayed at the firehouse.

“I thank ya’ll,” Haynie said. “You nearly made me cry.”

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