, 2015

NHS principal plans to bring
in more college classes

by Renss Greene

LOTTSBURG—Northumberland High School is set to bring more college courses in to the high school.

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“I’m excited to say to you that I’m ready to open the floodgates, and say let’s start exposing more children to college-level opportunities within our school,” said Northumberland high school principal Dr. Travis Burns.

The school board on August 11 approved a proposal outlined by Burns to bring concurrent enrollment courses at Rappahannock Community College on-site at Northumberland high school. Burns said the participation in concurrent enrollment classes during classroom hours will likely be limited to juniors and seniors.

To take a concurrent enrollment course, a student applies to take a course at RCC not offered at NHS. If approved by the superintendent and principal, the student can earn credit at both RCC and NHS. Students and parents bear the cost of enrollment and school supplies for these courses.

Currently students must travel to RCC to take concurrent enrollment courses. This distinguishes the courses from Advanced Placement (AP) and dual enrollment courses, which are both offered at NHS at no cost to the students.

Burns noted that the cost of taking a course at RCC is half the cost of taking a course at a four-year college.

School board chairman Dick Saxer expressed concerns about the cost of taking a concurrent enrollment course.

“Are we opening a door to students whose parents can afford to pay this, where the students whose parents cannot afford it are going to be left behind?” Saxer asked.

“I think you make a very valid point,” Burns replied. “Some families can’t afford this opportunity, but my response to that is this: There are AP and dual enrollment courses that those children can take at our school that are of no cost. There are also virtual learning opportunities that are at no cost to those children.”

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