, 2015

Stingrays finish season undefeated
and place third in championship meet

by Lisa Hinton-Valdrighi

Northumberland maintained its lock on first place and Lancaster stayed in third last Tuesday when the Indians beat the Devils, 7-4, in a varsity baseball game in Heathsville.

The 2013-14 Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club Stingrays went unbeaten to win the regular season trophy. Photo by Lisa Hinton-Valdrighi

The Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club (ICYCC) Stingrays capped their best season in team history two weeks ago by claiming the regular season trophy in the Middle Peninsula Swim League.

Despite a third-place finish in the end-of-year championship meet, the Stingrays went undefeated during the regular season to finish at 4-0 with wins against Urbanna, West Point, Deltaville and the Rappahannock River Rats (RRA) from Tappahannock.

Host Urbanna won “champs” on July 23 with 254 points. West Point was the runner-up with 220, ICYCC third with 196, RRA fourth with 178 and Deltaville fifth with 118.

“What can I say about this season,” said ICYCC coach Liz Seigler. “It was wonderful for so many reasons. Once again, many compliments for great sportsmanship, the ability to move up and swim in an older age group, cheering for each other, swimming your best and oh wait, being undefeated.”

The Stingrays were coached by Seigler and Kelly Espy. Kickboard coaches were Sarah Schindler and Nadia Moss.

Girl kickboarders were Lucy McDaniels, Addie George, Ann Rice, Mary Claire Hodges, Tawny Bowis, Ally Biddlecomb, Kelsey Bishoff, Aiko Newton, Helen Geier and Rachel Rice.

Boy kickboarders were River Diaz, Ashton Molineaux, Lorrie Manetz, Cayden Bishoff, Robert Cunningham, Harrison Hinton, Alex Fulmer, Jack Jones, Takaya Newton and Eli Stewart.

Girl swimmers, ages 8 and younger, were Oceana Diaz, Ashley Vaughan, Neevah Vaughan, Nathalie Biddlecomb, Sky Stewart, Allison Foulkes, Anne Shackleford, Maddie Ritter, Harper Stanley, Ellie Franklin and Ayla Saunders.

Boy swimmers, ages 8 and younger, were Jackson Latell, Ewen Scott, Creston Saunders, Alex Posey, Alex Rupple and Lee Rupple.

Girl swimmers, ages 9 and 10, were Ashtyn Franklin, Evie Allen, Ella Posey, Ria Geier, Oliva Saunders, Halie Shackleford, Katrina Zeiler and Blair Smith.

Boy swimmers, ages 9 and 10, were Michael Foulkes, Teagan Mullins, Erik Harding, DJ Zeiler, Matthew Kelly, Tristen McDaniels, Eli Pittman, Andrew Fuller, David Vaughan and Jameson Scott.

Girl swimmers, ages 11 and 12, were Amanda Steensma, Emily Rice, Hanna Harding, Brooke Elbourn, Virginia Demario, Grace Oren, Latney Hodges, Riley Molineaux and Kennedy Jones. Roman Cutler was the only boy swimmer in the age 11 and 12 category.

Girl swimmers, ages 13 and 14, were Zoe Nonnemacker, Rachel Valdrighi, Kenzie Osbourne and Emma McManus.

Boy swimmers, ages 13 and 14, were Blake Smith, Erik Demario and Avery Shivers.

Girl swimmers, ages 15 and older, were Hannah Richardson, Kate Nelson, Sarah Schindler, Nadia Moss, Kalin Benza and Abby Nelson.

Boy swimmers, ages 15 and older, were Brandon Benza, Weston Schomer, Ronnie Cutler, Tanner Steensma, John Richardson, Drew Smith, Beau Nickerson, Cole Schomer and Graham Shivers.

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