, 2015

Secretary of Education Holton
delivers back-to-school pep talk

by Renss Greene

Northumberland maintained its lock on first place and Lancaster stayed in third last Tuesday when the Indians beat the Devils, 7-4, in a varsity baseball game in Heathsville.

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Holton told the assembled teachers and staff that student success relies on a combination of factors both in and out of the classroom, including teachers and socioeconomic circumstances.

“Students can’t be successful in the classroom if they’re hungry,” Holton said.

She said that in a large study of Chicago schools, the relationship between the people involved in a student’s education made the difference.

“The crucial element, where they could distinguish success on the one hand and not such great improvement on the other, was the degree of trust among students, parents, faculty, and administrators,” Holton said. “You all are all working together.”

Holton also talked about SOL reform, mentioning that five SOLs have been eliminated this year and promising further review of statewide standardized testing. She encouraged input from all levels on improving education.

“It really boils down to: do we have each other’s back?” Holton said. “We, at the state, want to have your back. We want to be a partner with you.”

Holton congratulated both counties on their education programs.

“You do not have an easy job,” she said. “You all do great work in both Northumberland and Lancaster counties.”

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