, 2015

Lancaster appoints coordinator for
mentors and tutors; volunteers needed

Lancaster County Public Schools under the direction of the school board and superintendent Steven Parker welcomes veteran educator Sandy Armstrong as the coordinator for mentors and tutors for the school division.

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From left are superintendent Steven Parker;  Lancaster County Virginia Education Foundation president Margaret Socey; coordinator for mentors and tutors Sandy Armstrong; and Mentoring and Tutoring Steering Committee chairman the Rev. Dr. Tom Coye.

Armstrong brings 30 years of experience in public school education to the position with the majority of those years serving the students of Lancaster County. Certified in areas of special and general education, she has a master’s in instructional technology.

Throughout her career she has had the opportunity to have volunteer tutors assisting in instructing many of her students and understands the valuable asset volunteer tutors and mentors can be to a struggling student, said Armstrong.

This new position has come to fruition due to extensive interest and support throughout the community, she said.

A study conducted several years ago by the Lancaster County Education Foundation concluded that there was great need for more tutoring and mentoring in the schools. More recently, there were numerous community discussions on the subject involving school administration and area civic, economic and church leaders.

Earlier this year, the school board, upon the recommendation of chairman Dr. Robert Westbrook, appointed the Rev. Dr. Tom Coye to spearhead a committee to bring the idea into reality.  

The position will be funded for now by community resources managed by the Lancaster Virginia Education Foundation. Contributors thus far include Grace Episcopal Church, Campbell Memorial Presbyterian Church, The Eugene Duffer Foundation and White Stone United Methodist Church.

Other churches, organizations, and donors are urged to join the campaign, said Armstrong.

Volunteer tutors and mentors are welcome at all three schools, she said. It is the vision of this program to develop a large, diverse group of people to go into the schools to support and assist in the education of the children as they prepare to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Any interested citizens are urged to join this energetic, positive team of individuals who will help to make the difference in the lives of Lancaster County children and youth by giving of their time and talents.

Applications may be picked up at the Lancaster County School Board Office, 2330 Irvington Road, Weems, or at any of the three public schools, or contact Armstrong at 462-5100, ext. 2008. Interested volunteers are required to complete fingerprinting, background and TB checks.

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