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How to contact us:

By mail: Rappahannock Record, PO Box 400, Kilmarnock, VA 22482.
By physical address: 27 North Main St., Kilmarnock, VA 22482
By telephone: 804-435-1701.
By facsimile: 804-435-2632.

By electronic mail:
News articles, news photos, other news: editor@rapprecord.com
Subscriptions and renewals: circulation@rapprecord.com
Advertising, online subscriptions and other messages: mail@rapprecord.com

You can subscribe to the Record from any of our online pages. You will receive a statement by mail, or to order by credit card, call 804-435-1701.

To reach members of the staff, dial the main phone number, 804-435-1701, and then the employee's extension when prompted, or use the e-mail address:

Newsroom Staff:
Robert D. Mason Jr., editor, extension 25, editor@rapprecord.com
Lisa Hinton-Valdrighi, reporter, extension 23, lisa@rapprecord.com
Audrey Thomasson, reporter, extension 22, audrey@rapprecord.com
Madison Franks, reporter, extension 28, madison@rapprecord.com

Advertising Staff:
Sara Amiss, manager, extension 13, sara@rapprecord.com
K.C. Troise, ad sales, IT and webmaster, extension 19, mail@rapprecord.com
Marilyn Bryant, ad sales, extension 11, marilyn@rapprecord.com
Jessica Michels-Mancini, ad sales, extension 15, jessica@rapprecord.com

Production Staff:
Susan Simmons, publications director, extension 18, susan@rapprecord.com
Stephanie Feria, ad & page compositor, extension 26, stephanie@rapprecord.com
Sarah Bowis, ad & page compositor, extension 17, sarah@rapprecord.com
Gloria Bosher, classified compositor, extension 17, gloria@rapprecord.com
Doreen Hamblet, proofreader, extension 24, proofreader@rapprecord.com

Publishing/Business Staff:
Frederick A. Gaskins, president, extension 20, fred@rapprecord.com
Bettie Lee Gaskins, treasurer, extension 21, blgaskins@ssentinel.com
Kate Oliver, CPA, business manager, extension 21, kate@rapprecord.com
Susan Robertson, classifieds accounts manager, extension 12, susanrobertson@rapprecord.com
Lindsay Bishoff, accounts manager, extension 14, lindsay@rapprecord.com

Michelle Smith, circulation manager, extension 16, circulation@rapprecord.com

Classifieds extension 12, classifieds@rapprecord.com

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