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To see your pet on Pet of the Week, email photo, names of pet and owners and something fun about your pet in 50 words or less to mail@rrecord.com. Watch www.rrecord.com to see your pet!

Yor pet will be featured for the week and will move down the list in rotation.

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To see your pet on Pet of the Week, email photo, names of pet and owners and something fun about your pet to mail@rrecord.com. Watch www.rrecord.com to see your pet! 

Hi, my name is Skittles,

I love when my owmer comes home and let's me out to walk around the house. I have to be careful that our cat, Pierre, is not out. He looks at me with hungry eyes. I like to answer the phone too. If you call my house you might hear me say Hello. My owner is Angie Garrett and she works at the newspaper. She tells me all the news of the week.

Hi, my name is Bay,

I'm a yellow lab who is 8 months old, and my best friend is Boots who is a orange kitten and is 5 months old.

We Live in the town of Heathsville with out Parents Leslie and Brian. We really love to play in the middle of the night and wake everyone up in the house. We have been best friends from the day we have met. We love to chase each other around and we love to eat our dinner together..Life couldn't be much better then the life we have.

Hi, my name in Millicent,
….everyone calls me Millie.  I am a three year old spoiled Chihuahua.
I live in King George with my parents Glenda and Kevin Snowden.  They love me very much.  I enjoy jumping and playing with my toys especially the soccer ball.  I fall asleep every night in my Papa’s lap.  Some nights I just watch him sleep.  I love it!  I also love to visit my grandma Barbara Brown in Kilmarnock.  She lets me run around in her house and outside in the yard.   I have so much fun at her house that I usually sleep for five hours straight when I get back home.  I have another set of grandparents.  They are Chuck and Gerri Snowden and a lot of fun to be around.  I am one lucky pooch!

Hi, my name is Sam ,

. . . and I'm looking for a squirrel. Have you seen any?

My owners, Angie and Gary love me very much. They found me on the side of the road and gave me a happy home. I am a very lucky dog!

Hi! My name is Ryleigh,

. . .& I'm almost 3 years old. I'm a spunky pup that loves to play fetch with my best buddy Emma, paddle around the creek & go fishing with my daddy & grandpa on the weekends! My mommy & daddy are Daphne Brown & Matt Pruitt.

Hi!  I'm Fiver,

. . . and I'm a very happy Australian Cattle Dog.  I used to live in Richmond and went to beautiful Belle Isle everyday, but now I live in Virginia Beach with Briana Vaughn Murphy and her mom, Michele Umphlett Osborne. 

Hi!  My name is Lila

Water is my middle name, retrieving ball is my game. Squirrels and rabbits I love to chase and walks with mom every day; I give thanks to them for adopting me at a year of age, spending my days in the Northern Neck is quite the rage!

Owners: Carol & Norman Hammer of Ophelia, VA

Hi there!  My name is Missie

. . . and I belong to Rebecca Wright-Raymo of Kilmarnock.  I am the official mascot of Ross's Rings and Things, and I love my Uncle Ross, Uncle Carl, and Uncle Floyd!

Hi, my name is Brandy

I belong to John Packey and like to follow his every step and never leave his side.

This is Nina

. . . and she is Shirley Packeys cat.She loves to sleep with her paws fully extened  in front of her head and snores.

Ahoy Fellow Sailors – Tillie is my name

. . . and sailing is my game!  The sun and wind make for the best sailing days but the dog days of summer can make a even a seasoned sailing dog like me seek shade.  When I’m not sailing, I can be found sleeping, hunting, swimming and bubble eating. 

Hi my name is Enzo

I'm a Cane Corso! I love living on the river,swimming and going to work every day with my G-ma! I get lots of love every day and lots of visitors. My G-ma says I'm the most eligible bachelor in town...does that mean I get more cheese?

Hi, My name is Miss Kitty.

I was born in Kilmarnock in the back of a store. I was only a kitten when my Mothers moved in. They have tried for 7 years to pick me up but I still don’t trust them…. But I know that they love me very much because I get canned food and dry food every day. Some times I will come into the store but just to sit and watch. If anyone heads for the door I am OUT of there.

Hello, my name is Sophie

Hello, my name is Sophie and I am a 5 year old English Bulldog. I belong to Laura Jo Elbourn. I enjoy going on car rides and cuddling on the couch. However, my favorite thing is eating. I love food and I am always a good girl so that I will get treats!

 Hi, My name is Abby.

I am a Pug and I belong to Joanne and Emily Elbourn. I love to play with my sister Sophie, who is an English Bulldog. As you can tell from this picture of me in the pool on my float, Summer is my favorite time of the year. There is nothing I love more than to float in the pool with my family!

Hi! My name is Piper.

I am 8 months old and I love playing in the water. I was adopted from Ring Dog Rescue in Henrico and now live a happy "Rivah" life! I live with my mommy Wendy and my sister Heather and two fur-brothers that meow.
Wags and licks xoxo,

Hi! My name is Midnight!

I am almost 4 years old and a California Bombay kitty. I live in Little Bay near White Stone with my parents Wayne and Sandy. I love to sleep...go outside, lay on my daddy's lap and chase bugs. I'm not as independent as my brother Pooh Bear and need a lot of lovin.

Hi! My name is Pooh Bear!

I am a 7 year old gray tabby. I live in Little Bay near White Stone with my parents Wayne and Sandy. I love to eat...sleep...go outside and chase butterflys...eat... I used to weigh 29 lbs. but because I am on a diet I have slimmed down to a civet 23. I do miss those pounds but I hear I need to be 15.

Hi ! My Name is Sasha.

I am a Lewisetta River Rat, and love every minute of it. I was adopted at 12 Weeks from the Northumberland Co Animal Shelter, by my parents Chris & Ashley Scanlan. I am now 3 years old. I enjoy swimming, eating the cats food while no one is looking & cuddling on the couch with my favorite blanket. North, South, East & West...I know every inch of my circle here in Lovely Lewisetta ! Come on down, and I'll show you around ! Smooches - Sasha

Hello! My name is Cammi.

I am an 11-month-old miniature dachshund, and I live in Heathsville with Damon and Alyssa. I love to play outside, run around the house, and hunt for pecans! I also like to annoy the cats and hang out with my sister Roxy. 

Hi, I’m Tyson!

I am a 7 year old spoiled Boxer. I love to sleep in my parents bed when their at work and get whatever I want by using my puppy eyes.  I love to eat my sister’s cat food when she’s not looking and playing outside with my grandma. My parents are Jason Brockwell and Ryiah Carrier.

Hi! I'm Rocko!

I am a 3 1/2 year old English Bulldog. I live in Wicomico Church with my parents Jamie and Chris. I love to play with my toys, eat, go for walks with Mom and sleep. Sleeping is probably my favorite, even though they say I snore alot.

Hi, I'm Abby

Good hair day or bad, Abby is always happy. Obedience is one of her strong points except when a squirrel zips by. Mud baths are her preference, so her mom takes lots of pictures of her right after getting groomed. Dogs big or small, she is friends with them all. She lives with Anne-Sophie Marchal in Northumberland county.

Hi, I'm Joey

I'm Joey, estimated 5+ year old Chihuahua. I was adopted about eight months ago and I have finally find a home that I can count on forever. I have been a breading dog and a pet. I wasn't always treated like a family member, until the wonderful Ms. Donna took me in and found me the perfect mother. My mother Brooke works every day to make up for any attention and love that I may have missed out on throughout my foggy life. I am the biggest, strongest, toughest 9 lbs. dog you'll ever met. And it's time for another nap.

Hi, my name is Mottley Kavanaugh-Thomas. I live in Virginia Beach with my Dad, Tim Thomas who was raised in Kilmarnock for many years and graduated LHS in 1981.

I turned 9 years old in December. My Grams and Pop Pop are Pat & Peggy Thomas. I am with them now while my Dad is away working.

I love my walksies, chew bones and watching/chasing the ducks at my house. As well as napping and cleaning up the kitchen crumbs.

I am moving soon to a new home and am very excited.

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