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To see your pet on Pet of the Week, email photo, names of pet and owners and something fun about your pet in 50 words or less to mail@rrecord.com. Watch www.rrecord.com to see your pet!

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To see your pet on Pet of the Week, email photo, names of pet and owners and something fun about your pet to mail@rrecord.com. Watch www.rrecord.com to see your pet! 

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Hi, my name is Liberty Grace Wright.

This is Liberty Grace Wright.( Libby for short) She was adopted from the Westmoreland Shelter. She is 4 years old and she lives in Yankee Point with her mom

On the weekends Libby spends her time on the Rivah, jumping off the dock and running on the beach..Since she is part Navy Seal she loves to dive for Oysters...tries to chase the loons , but she thinks they're quite sneaky.Libby is the best dog ever, she loves to hike, loves to go out on the boat.. but most of all she loves to ride shot gun in her mom's jeep, she has been up and down the east coast , her favorite place in hiking the North Carolina mountains and hike to the waterfalls on Beech Mt.. She has been a therapy dog recently, helping a few people in this area. She is paid very well with dog cookies...Mom says I'm the best dog in the world .. And she is right :)

Hi, my name is Rose.

I am 6 months old and was born on Tangier Island and moved to Fleeton to become a special valentine for my new owners Alf and Charlotte Braxton of Reedville. I love to work on the computer desk even in my never ending wardrobe that my owners keep ‚ pushing on me‚ Happy Valentine‚ Day.

My name is Bootsie.

Hello. My name is Bootsie and I am two years old. I live with my Mom Katie and her children Haley and Elijah and my sister Lola. I was adopted over a year ago and since moving in I have gained 11 lbs (I am now 20 lbs-don’t worry I just started a diet in January). I just love being an indoor cat. My family is very loving. Lola and I are two very spoiled cats. Haley and Elijah love to have me chase all kinds of things. I think they are also trying to make me lose weight. I love cuddling late at night and I love hiding under blankets. I love Lola. Sometimes we “fight” but she really is my best friend.

My name is Lola Pease Dixon.
Hello. My name is Lola Pease Dixon and I am five years old. I live in Weems with my Mom Katie and her children Haley and Elijah. Bootsie (my adopted brother) also lives with us. My Mom is always telling me how beautiful I am. She says I could be a model! She also says I am the most loving and affectionate cat she has ever seen. Maybe sometimes I am a little too affectionate- it’s only because I love my family so much. My favorite thing to do is lay on the couch with my Mom every night (actually whenever I can). I also love playing and snuggling up to Haley and Elijah- and sometimes even Bootsie.

My name is Bailey.
I am"Queen" of our home and this is my Throne. At ten months I was flown in from the Great Lakes. I didn't know what the inside of a house was but in less than an hour I had it all figured out including how nice the sofa and bed is. I spend my days romping with my siblings, supervising my good neighbor, Marshall Magee,(I fuss until he pets me) and loving my family.Owners Tom Hughes (I'm Daddy's girl) and Pam Thrift.

My name is Gracie.
Hello, I'm Gracie, a four year old Boston Terrier and for me it's all about playtime! I'm always full of energy and spend my days playing with all my toys, but come night time I love to snuggle up next to my owner, Stacy Hall.

My name is Baxter.
I am a  4-1/2 year old Boxer who gets lots of attention in my hometown of Heathsville, VA.  My parents, Kevin and Kendra Martin, love to sit on the dock and watch me romp around in the river.  They don’t seem to mind when I run from the water, down the dock and onto their laps soaking wet.  Maybe just maybe I’ll get some crabs for my birthday in June.

My name is Rhianna,

Hi, my name is Rhianna, I would like to think I'm the boss in the house. My two favorite things I love the most are food and terrorizing the dog. I live in Heritage Point with my family Linda & KC Troise

My name is Ziggy

Hi, my name is Ziggy.  I am a 5 month old Basset Hound. I just loved the first snowfall and look forward to romping around in the next. I live in Heathsville with my two older sisters Kayla and Ginger and my parents Kerri and Mike Ogburn.

My name is Dude

Hi, my name is Dude, I was born on Aprils Fools Day but dont let my looks fool you I am a very entergic boy! I love to climb trees, especially Christmas trees. I must be on my best behavior so Santa can bring me some more cat nip! Owners: Charles,Tammy and Tiffany Sisson

My name is Dutchess

My name is Dutchess & I will be 4 in March. I LOVE to eat and when I'm full I guard my bowl until I'm ready to eat again so my sisters won't eat it. I love to sleep snuggled up to my dad but I've been told I snore really loud, so I don't get to too often. This is my favorite time of the year because I love to chase the falling leaves in my yard. My parents are William and Blair Abbott of Kilmarnock.

Hello my name is Cosmo

I'm a 3 year old Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso mix.  I live in Virginia Beach with Michele Umphlett, but like to visit the Northern Neck frequently, especially to see Mr. Alex Umphlett (I'm sure you see the family resemblance!).

Hello my name is Sebastian

I am a yorkshire terrior about to celebrate my fourth birthday. As you can see, I love to play with my toys! I also enjoy going to see my grandma, and my cousins Duncan, Simon and Cooper. I also love to go bye bye and on the boat. Owners: Chad Sorukas and John-Mike Nelson.

Hello my name is Wilbert

I’m a pot belly pig about 15+ years old. I am a neighbor hood pig who loves to walk from house to house. I love to eat anything and everything. I also loved to be rubbed behind my ears and on my belly. I am a spoiled pig who loves all my neighbors.

My name is Emma.

I am 2 1/2 years old. I like to sleep, eat and play with my sisters Lexie and Dutchess. I'm looking forward to trick or treating as a bumbleebee this year. My parents are William and Blair Abbott of Kilmarnock.


Hi there my name is Jolene (JoJo), and I'm all wore out. I was practicing my strut on the catwalk. I'm trying out for the Doggie Edition of the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Magazine. It's hard job being a model. My parents are PJ Jones and Dawn Stouffer of Weems.


My name is Dozer and I'm an American Bulldog not yet one year old. As you can see I enjoy going out in the boat and to the beach. I also spend a lot of time playing with my two sisters. Mom says if I ever grow into my huge feet I will really be awesome. My proud owners are Pam Thrift and Tom Hughes.


My name is Ginger I'm almost 2 years old. I live in Heathsville Va and I'm spoiled rotten. My best friend is Presley Gracik and she is also almost 2. We love sitting around eating and running after each other. Life Is Great! I'm living with Leslie George and family in Heathsville, VA.


My name is Tidball.  I am 14 years old and enjoy going outside each and every day.  I sleep a lot in the winter time so I hope my bed is clean and fresh.  My favorite food is homemade chicken and rice that my grandmother makes special for me.  I live with my master Richard Hall in Glen Allen VA.


Hello my name is Deuce and I'm a 18 month old Shorkie. I am spoiled rotten and the king of my castle. I enjoy going for long walks at Belle Isle State Park, chasing squirrels in my yard, and watching Lifetime movies with my mommy ! My favorite treat is peanut butter.
Edwine Lewis, Lancaster, VA.


I'm Vinnie and have been totally blind since birth.  I enjoy hunting whether it's newts on the deck, bugs in the yard or mice in the basement.  Believe me, I can catch them in spite of my handicap.  I live with Chuck and Rebecca Weber, Lancaster.


Oscar our six- month old yellow lab, worships the birdbath hoping for rain. Or a bird we're not sure which.
Joe & Debbie Gibbs, Reedville.


Hey!  My name is Tuddin and I am 8 years old.  Between you and me I run this home.  My parents are Gill and JoAnn Allen and they don't know I'm sending this photo.  I have a great life and I all I have to do is love them as they love me.  Life is good!

Windsor Bonner

.... will be 8 years old in December. He is the Mascot for Kilmarnock Antique Gallery and goes to work with us every day that we work and appears in many of our ads. He has become quite famous in the Antiquing circle with people asking about him as soon as they come through the door.

At home Windsor rules the roost keeping all animals that come into our yard on alert with his authoritative bark. Like any spoiled child, Windsor has his owners trained to the phrase "I don't go, you don't go" for the most part!

My name is Chica Rose

I'm a Wee-Chon and will be 4 years old on Christmas day and the number one guardian and companion for KC and Linda Troise, beating out the cat by a mile. I always bring out a smile on my owner's faces and brighten their day with my personality.

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